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Widely-traveled as a personal communication consultant and as a lecturer, writer and teacher, JAMES COMO has counseled and addressed a broad diversity of people within a wide range of settings.  He holds the Ph.D. in Language, Literature and Rhetoric from Columbia University and now is Professor Emeritus of Rhetoric and Public Communi-cation at York College (CUNY) where, upon joining the faculty in 1968,  he founded the Speech discipline and thereafter chaired the Department of Performing and Fine Arts for fifteen years.

A founding member of the New York C. S. Lewis Society (1969), his Branches to Heaven: The Geniuses of C. S. Lewis is a ground-breaking study of Lewis as a rhetorician and his Remembering C. S. Lewis is a benchmark biographical anthology now in its third edition (and fourth decade).  These, along with his many articles on Lewis in such journals as The Wilson Quarterly and The New Criterion and on-air commentary for five biographical documentaries have established Dr. Como as one of the most highly-regarded Lewis scholars in the world.

His contributions to rhetorical theory and criticism have been at international conferences and as journalism.  As a credentialed foreign journalist he covered the landmark Peruvian elections of 1990 and and has written on Peruvian culture and communication often since then.  Most recently he has published essays, stories and poems in a number of different venues, and his latest book is ‘The Tongue is Also a Fire’: essays on conversation, rhetoric and the transmission of culture. . . and on C. S. Lewis.

He has been a Chancellor’s Access to Excellence honoree and a Salvatori Fellow with the Heritage Foundation and is a member of the International Spanish Honor Society.  At York College his commitment to outstanding teaching has been recognized by students with a number of awards.

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