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Communication Consulting

As a human communication consultant my central concern is our pervasive public and private failures of communication, the effects and implications of those failures, and how best we may eliminate them.  In workshops, seminars and private counseling, ranging from professional speaking and public advocacy to personal communication, we address those failings.  Emphases are on vital conversation (public, social and private),  healthy argument (as opposed to the quarrel), and ethical, self-assured communication generally.  Counseling participants include organizations, businesses, and social groups, as well as individuals.

When we communicate, especially directly – “same time, same place, face-to-face” – we are performers, whether we like it or not, care or not, or even know it or not. Here are some of the issues, skills and formats that have been of interest to people as we have worked to enhance their communication performances:

The Performance Pyramid: from Confidence, Control, Conviction and Concentration to
Presence: Discovery, Design and Delivery

Speechmaking and Media Advocacy

Persuasion: Argument, Motivation and Belief

Interpersonal and Group Interaction

“Clarity Therapy”:  Conceptual and Critical Thinking

Articles, Essays, Reports and Memoranda

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Critical Listening and the Ready Response

Your own orchestra, and the music it makes