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“. . . James Como, the best of American commentators on C. S. Lewis.”  — William Griffin, Lewis biographer, commentator and anthologist.
“This amazing rhetoric professor I had, James Como, said, ‘words are concepts that have become portable. . . . As performers, or as writers, we use this endowment of speech and thought with an enormous burden of responsibility.’  Professor Como said that the basis of producing sound rhetoric, whether private, social or public – you know, the kind we hardly hear anymore – is to be a reliable source, to speak the truth, and to love your audience.  And something in my mind clicked.  That’s the kind of singer I want to be.”  – Emily Pulley in “The Americanization of Emily,” Opera News, March 2007.
“I had a visit from . . . a man who should have been baptized ‘The Great Jim Como’ . . . I depended upon [him] to lead me through editorial thickets, and without a visit to New York to talk with him I am not sure I would ever have completed the Introduction to the Diary. . . . As so often, I began discussing the division of the letters with Jim Como, and I began work on Volume I in December of 1996. . . .”  – Walter Hooper, “Editing C. S. Lewis,” C. S. Lewis, Views from Wake Forest.
“Dr. James Como was the Lecturer for the ‘C.S. Lewis and Friends’ Lectureship in April, 2016 at Memphis Theological Seminary.  Dr. Como is a superb speaker exhibiting superior knowledge of his subject and an excellent ability to communicate that knowledge to a diverse audience.  Moreover, he welcomes questions and comments from his audience, and his friendly and engaging demeanor encourages such interaction.”  –  Rev. W.E. Knickerbocker, Professor Emeritus of Church History, Memphis Theological Seminary
“Your lectures have given me more cause for reflection than anything I have heard or read in a very long time.  And while the most thought provoking material was in the final lecture, the most profound experience for those who were there was the second.  In it you gave us Lewis through the lens of your understanding, but more importantly you gave us yourself, shaped and formed by your experience of Lewis, a living example of one for whom Lewis  mediates the presence of God in a unique way.”  — Dennis Beets, founding member, The Memphis C. S. Lewis Society.
“As a consultant, Professor Como provides a bridge between our ancient rhetorical past and our technologically-tilted culture which, if crossed, will lead to a more meaningful understanding of the best of our human virtues.  His advice was an awakening.”  — Randall Walton, investment adviser
“Professor Como: Thank you so very much for your constant words of encouragement.  You know, you had a profound effect on me: inviting me to your home, listening to me,guiding me.  Your mentoring has been one of the most positive aspects of my upbringing.  I owe you more than you know — and I hope that the Good Lord continues to bless you.”  — Michael Kissi, former student
“Professor, your wisdom, personality and presence were truly God given. Your classes were used to sharpen our minds, speech and confidence. You created critical thinkers. ‘Say what you mean, and mean what you say, but know what you mean in the first place!’ I just want you to know that you were a positive influence in my life. I think Nat King Cole’s song says it all. “Unforgettable.” That’s what you are Professor Como.”  — Tommie J. Moore, Playwright and Actor, Dare to be Black: The Jack Johnson Story

Dear Dr. Como: I was in either your first or second class when you began at York College.   I debated that the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy; you challenged me.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  Your course was the most valuable to me.  Those text books are the only ones that remain with me to this day. I use what you me taught me every single day. I’ve spent most of my career managing people: the ability to dissect the interactions almost unconsciously and to react in the most appropriate manner contributed more to my success as a manager than any other skill. This is further evidenced by the fact that I am regularly sought out by other professionals to consult and to assist them in their interviewing and hiring processes.  I thank you more than I can express in this short note. Moreover, your class helped me to be a better father and companion. I had no idea in 1968 of the impact your course would have on my life.  Thank you for enriching it.  – David Sherwin